My name is Rebecca Butterworth. I am a student of the University of Huddersfield, studying Contemporary Arts.
My style varies between digital drawing, animation, video and photography.


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I really like Kusama’s work. The way she uses mirrors to make the space larger than it is. I also like how she uses her art as a type of therapy. 

Dots Obsession - Infinity Mirrored Room (2008). The dots are derived from her hallucinations, and the paintings thus have a theraputic function, transferring her experience onto canvas. The installations, meanwhile reconstruct that experience in real space. Indeed, these spaces are highly hallucinatory..” 
Bonham-Carter, C. Hodge, D (2009). The Contemporary Art Book. London: Goodman. p137. 

The effects created by using the mirrors are really interesting. As she intended it, it appears that you’re in an infinite space. I like the use of mirrors even though it’s relatively simple. 

Picture Sources
Infinity Dots Mirrored Room
Fireflies On the water
Infinity Mirrored Room 

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